Pages turn,
life goes by in a state of semi-conscious, suspended animation.

We walk,
we wander,
we think,
we ponder.

She stays in her limbo as we breathe from her being.

We hold on to our dreams and hope we reach a state of reality offered to us in our thoughts.
Our dreams, more real than our ever fading existence.

Letting us hold on to the very fabric of her nature,
she transcends our understanding of her suspension.

We carry on and fly upon her wings,
the zephyr taking us to places unknown, yet, strangely familiar.

Years have passed since I felt her lips upon mine,
the days of light and the nights of dark have now merged.

The amalgamation of my happiness and sorrow has given us a deeper understanding of our nothingness.

“I dream of a day when I shall walk with my life in sync and pervade the existence that is my own creation”

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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