*A forsaken soul, I rest in this graveyard so titled “My Psyche”, faith unto my corpus pride.*

I strive to live under my skin
as I let your insanity breathe me in
Through your self-loathing life of sin,
I feel myself burning with you spiraling

You’re the rendition of my feral soul,
you drag me down into your whole;
Pushing against the door of sanity,
I feel myself give in to vanity
and slip away into the nothingness inside
as I lie awake in your motionless stride,
a broken soul in this grave I hide
and keep my faith in your surreal eyes.

You lead me in and let me go,
break my fall and push me slow.
In my dreams you shall live and grow,
until reality has more to show;
but with my dreams you shall not die,
I shall think of you when I wish to cry.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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