Alter Ego

Source: The Aghoris by Eric Shaw

Ash covered and grey,

with hair-locks of dread.

Naked in the darkness,

dancing the silence of dead.

Birthed in my tamas,

my alter ego the sage.

Singing in it’s silence,

meditating through rage.

Breathing through my instincts

and my animal songs.

My alter ego dances,

to tunes of broken bonds.

An all consuming solitude,

as the fabric of reality shimmers.

My alter ego dances

with goblins and ghosts and sinners.

Dreaming of me inside me

we dream of mountains and farms.

My alter ego dances

holding me in it’s arms.

Wandering in this grave yard,

my alter ego possessed.

I’m the one who dances,

naked and silent at rest.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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