Chaos as we make love

We dance under the stars;

Our bodies entwined in naked frenzy;

Raging lust echoes in the silence of this night,

for all that once existed, lay burnt to ashes.


Heavens descend to watch the dance of love

upon earth, now scorched and barren;

En-trance’d by this elation of triumphant madness,

Zion sears with the light of a all her suns.


The death and destruction that ensue,

from every malevolent thrust;

A demon and angel dance naked,

while our perversion leads nature to rust.


Inside you I tremble

and let our hunger peak.

Our bodies in rhythmic quiver;

We set eternity on his journey into decadence.


Moans and screams of ecstasy,

tear a rift in time.

Our bodies entwined in insatiable fray,

anarchic, ravenous rhyme.


Our dance that’s never ending;

Existence now devoured.

Our blood red dance of passion,

births chaos as we make love.


By: Viraj Belgaonkar


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