Malice in underland

As the gates of heaven open,
They beckon me inside;
My feet float me in,
a swift motionless stride.

Behind the walls of dreamland,
I hear my psyche whisper,
“How beautiful this place would be if
only a little crisper?”

Malice in my head now,
that wicked evil smile;
Time to burn this wasteland,
its beauty seems vile.

Scorched is the land now,
blackened are her clouds,
scarlet running rivers,
bellowing, I stand proud.

Your heaven turned to ashes,
her fields turned to dust;
shedding light upon your demons,
while Elysium lays to rust.

Those fallacious fucking goblins,
that once hid in white;
Masturbate their phallus’es now
that I turned down the lights.

In ecstasy and madness,
orgasmic demonesses yell;
The story of my heaven,
a glimpse into your hell.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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