Symphony in drop D

My bones lay scattered on the ashes of time

as my world, withered, decays;

With remnants of a soul

that once walked these plains

in search of a reason to stay.


Suspended in conscious,

thought of a world,

I walk these plains while dreaming;

In darkness that inhabits

my body of dust,

while I haunt this world of the living.


Your light that once

lit my self,

lingers in unconscious thought;

Consumed by greed and rage and lust

and the righteous battles we’ve fought.


My guitar once rang, the chords of solace,

she played and danced a melody.

Sings violence now, distorted her tone

My symphony in drop D.


My journey in darkness that’s just begun

I fall and stumble across

I promise to carry my bones along

and rise with the phoenix of loss.


By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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