Delusions of captivity

As the dark hours creep,

my heavy heart and aching shoulders

compel me to lie upon this cold wooden plank.


As the memories pass me by, ever so slowly,

my reality fades as quickly

as dreams do after you wake up from morning slumber.


Falling through this vortex of nothingness,

I realize the fragile nature of my being;

Of the insignificance of my achievements.


With this calm veil of emptiness

engulfing my light-less existence,

I feel free from these shackles of time;

The same ones that once, tied me to you.


And with the same gentle swiftness as was my escape from glorious daze,

I rise back with your breath upon my face and your lips upon my mouth.

While you breathe your life into me, I am again, a slave to your bondage.


Tied back down, spread out naked on your bed of lust,

I feel free from my freedom.

Bound by your chains of kink, as I lie in constriction,

I am now at peace with my Savior.


I shall be free as long as I live,

for death shan’t ever grant acceptance to the captive.


By: Viraj Belgaonkar


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