Lucid Obscurity of Death

Riding on the wind,

on this calm cold night,

I look down at the world,

the streets filled with lights.


While people pass under,

I do seem to notice,

how no one seems to wonder,

“why a ghoul floats above us”.


They go about their business

and no one seems bothered,

by death that awaits them all,

in the end they shall be smothered.


I walk among them unheeded,

stealing the times that end

but none seem affected,

they seem to think I mend.


None fear death

they feel me a part;

They know their end is near

as it burns in their hearts.


They walk without a care

in the dead of the night,

as death seems to linger

inside them, out of sight.


They live among the damned,

they love the dead that exist

and keep faith in my bind,

my fear they seem to resist


Deep in their hearts

where I reside buried

I hear the words they speak,

why the don’t seem worried.


They’re future may be dead,

that they cannot fight;

They don’t fear the darkness

those who breathe in my light.


By: Viraj Belgaonkar


One thought on “Lucid Obscurity of Death

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