On the altar of eternal damnation

Tonight, all I wish to do, is write;

but the numbness of my thoughts,

cloud the words that otherwise  flow,

so ceaselessly, onto the pages of my mind.

So I step into the night,

starlight upon my face;

Light up and lay back,

await a slower pace.

I drift away into the dark

perched on broken lights;

Wandering  dreamily as I lark,

a floating un-stringed kite.

I look down upon my world

and scour for my prize;

Set my sight upon my body,

my dead, war-torn ‘guise.

Bathed in black fluorescence,

a feral, weakened knight;

The body I set my eyes upon,

a scar for every fight.

Faint whispers that fill the air,

I hear upon my throne;

They brings me back, down to me,

from where I hath once flown.

Whispers now,

are screams that once,

covered my shadowed life;

Memories that were, once forgotten,

cutting blades of knives.

Kicked out of my hazy slumber

sweating, as I pant;

Trying to take, a hold of this crazy,

insatiable, ceaseless rant.

Broken bonds and sunken dreams

that now plague my mind;

Memories of your poison kisses

are not what I set out to find;

While I lay  peacefully, on this altar of eternal damnation.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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