Amalgamation of emptiness

There’s something in the air tonight,

as stars shy away;

The rush of blood in your eyes,

spread out, you lay.


Your screams begin to peek,

inside me;.

While I creep,

inside you.


Sweet tremors of your body,

seeping into mine,

as we shiver,

in rhythm; We quiver.


Coy heaven’s cover the skies

with white clouds of love;

Dreamily, they steal glances,

as you mount me from above.


The fragrance of your skin,

the redolence of your hair,

mixed with mine;

Entwined, in time.


Beads of sweat

trickling down your neck,

while you breathe me in,

feed off my wreck.


The clouds now gone,

stars shine again;

Naked, in embrace

at the end of our chase.


Never so complete

we lay upon this sheet;

Fragments of a puzzle

joined in this heat.


Here in tranquil aftermath,

as we spiral in our vortices,

We are here now at peace,

now that we lie in pieces.


By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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