Specks of Dust

Specks of dust bouncing seamlessly in air,
bobbing in and out of this single ray of light;
Seems pointless for them to have a life.
Still they carve their paths in white

Floating harmlessly in the sky above,
dancing about in sunshine.
With the uninspired nature of the life they lead,
they still bring to their knees, the weak.

Mixing shamelessly with desert sands
as they do with tropical waters.
Their soulless existence tracing  lines,
shining like stars in daytime.

Hovering meaninglessly around the living
as they do around the dead.
Inanimate though they may be,
wandering about in this animated universe.

Swarming carelessly in empty space.
Zipping in and out of sight.
Personifying decadence through mere existence,
they only exist to show us the light.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

One thought on “Specks of Dust

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