Lucid Obscurity of love

Love, stained and tainted, yet ever so real.

You rise in, and experience all the joy and happiness

that the universe has to offer.

You reach the peak of your emotions,

the epitome of your being.

And then, you fall.

From the summit that you never hope to reach again;

You break and get broken in to a million pieces

only to rise and be torn to shreds once more.

It is in this constant turmoil,

of annihilation and  exhilaration,

this cycle of decadence and classicism ,

that you realize, you were forged off steel!

And you learn to love then, with your heart open

and your mind devoid of the fear that once crippled you

and tainted the very depths of your heart

and made it the little, black stone that you know it to be.

Letting go of this fear, you learn to let go of love

so it shall flow freely through you as it does through time and space unknown.


By: Viraj Belgaonkar



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