In my darkest hour

“Erase your light and raze your self,

burn into ashes and scream!

Walk naked in the winter cold

upon this frozen stream.


Unsheathe your daggers and swords,

and your steely golden knives;

Raise your wands and sceptres,

lift your shields up high;


Leave this land in tatters

and feel your body die.


Kill and cut and slice away,

pillage this barren carcass.

Rid your self from bondage,

purge your soul in Tartarus.


Discard your life and breathe,

the light of the darkness that’s you.

Live inside your lies,

until you turn them true.


Spill your blood and rise,

from the scarlet shimmering hue.


Cut your heart and squeeze,

drain your cancerous lust.

Claim back your death,

by turning your life to dust.”

 By: Viraj Belgaonkar
Insanity can set you free.

Insanity can set you free.

12 thoughts on “In my darkest hour

    • hey thanks.. haha yeah i love bleach too.. specially their fight music.. waiting for the anime to restart… and damn u must have been a really awesome girlfriend.. : )


      • Oh :/ well that’s unfortunate. LOL! I’m assuming she wasn’t into anime? I don’t think I could ever be with someone that didn’t. My other ex and I would host anime marathon nights at our apartment. Friends would come over and bring their favorites and we’d watch entire seasons from night til morning. It was fun ^_^


        • hahah it is…. was a really weird relationship otherwise too… definitely part of the reason we broke up..:-D.. hmmnn marathon anime night… crazy fun i bet : ) … well its tough meeting women in india who’re into anime… 😉 i did go out with a girl once who loved anime as much as i did…while i was working in papua new guinea.. we’d talk about anime through the night over alcohol and grass… haha that was fun while it lasted..


      • I didn’t always like it. My second ex got me into it, and I’ve loved it ever since. So maybe meet a girl and introduce her to it 🙂 I’ll do a special post on anime soon.


        • haha yeah.. ur probably right.. its gonna take a while before i start dating again.. lets see.:-) in the meanwhile, ill be looking forward to your post on anime..


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