Pretty little liar

Pretty little liar
under a tree,
free as a bird,
as crazy as she;
Cold in the shiver
tormented by me,
alone in the world
a shark in the sea;
She sits in the shade
and hides from the sun,
her pretty blond hair
wrapped up in a bun;
She sleeps on the earth
in the light of the moon,
bathed in the darkness
with no one to spoon;
Pretty little liar
in the dead of the night,
hungry and needy
and wicked inside;
Lighting a fire
to keep herself warm,
drowning in filth,
alone in the swamp;
She stares at the sky
and waits for her death,
scared as a spider
the pretty, little wretch!
She closes her eyes,
and moans in despair,
scratching and screaming
and naked and bare;
A slave to her fingers
that satisfy her needs,
horny little angel,
insatiable indeed.
Pretty little liar
under the stars
in a veil of insanity
masking her scars.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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