The girl at the restaurant

I saw her there,
at the door;
Felt my heart
jump out and soar.

She ushered me in
and got me a seat;
Inside her eyes,
I left my heart beat.

As I sat on my table
and ordered a drink,
her eyes left mine
with a smile and a wink.

We passed our time
as I stayed for a while,
stealing glances
from each others eyes.

Like we’d met before;
I knew her one time;
A reunion of sorts,
ages apart.

I got up to leave,
my heart with a sigh:
“Will I see her again
before I die?”

With a heavy heart and
shortened breath,
I walked up to her
in the silence of death.

I asked her for coffee
later that eve;
-“my number’s on the back
at ten I leave”

Through awkward silences
and lurid conversations,
we knew in our hearts
we were reincarnations.

She lays with me now,
beside me in bed;
The girl from the restaurant;
Our story once told,
shall now be reread.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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