Psychosocial escapades

Going over the things I’ve done

to keep myself warm in the setting sun,

the hearts that I’ve burnt,

the tears that I’ve dr’nk,

fed on my heart,

till it shriveled and shrank.

I live my daze in happiness,

a mask I wear for the world;

In the arms of a stranger

to keep myself warm

with my soul still with the girl.

The one I made a promise to,

the one I will keep,

as my life drains through my broken heart,

slowly and painfully it seeps.

A ghost in its wake, I sit and I weep

and scream in the dark spaces of my mind.

Searching for a way,

back to her arms,

as she waits for me,


tormented by my psychosocial escapades.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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