The poetess Writ…

The birth of her son,
before he saw light;
The love in her heart,
on a paper she’d write.

She wrote how she felt,
while inside her he slept;
This Mother’s heart,
and bare,
for the world to see.

She pours on paper,
the life of her soul,
for him to read,
the day he grows old.

The blood in her veins,
warm as her eyes,
as she uses this ink.
With tears flowing as she pen’s for him;
Her sweet lullaby.

A piece of her,
she leaves on this page,
for him to see;
This beautiful little mage.

I read it today.
It inspires me most.
What she leaves for her son,
when she walks with the ghosts.
To keep him happy,
to make him smile,
to give him tears of happiness,
never known to mortals.

Jealous of this poetess,
I sit in my cave,
while I read her words,
and fight my tears.
Be strong,
be brave.

I wish I could show the world her gift.
A little piece of haven,
purified by her sift’.
But for her son,
it shall remain.
For her heart is his.
To love him,
to keep him warm,
to shelter him from rain.

And her life is his,
she belongs to none-else.
While she bleeds into him,
the entire being of her existence.

Every child to walk this earth,
shall be excused, for there shall never be enough words to describe the love for a Mother.
But for her,
it shall not be so.
The love for her child transcends the inadequacies of language.

You inspire me.
By surpassing the laws of poetry,
you are a poem by yourself.
Beautiful Poetess.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

7 thoughts on “The poetess Writ…

  1. Sometimes when I read poems on WordPress, there are a few that leave me speechless. This is one of them.


  2. I am at a loss for words after reading this, thank you for sharing the story. I believe the greatest poets are the ones who take the pain of others and happiness aswell and share it and you did just that.


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