Oh, to be a Pilot!

I took off today in my aircraft.
A four seat trainer.
Zipping under the clouds,
my life on ground,
never seemed so vain.

I found a hole in the sky
and climbed above these clouds.
The gloom of reality
vanishing into the thin air of the skies.

As the world beneath me faded,
so did all her problems.
I was free once again,
in my cocoon chariot.

I flew over the coast,
if I may take this moment to boast,
through the clearing in the vapor,
I saw my embodied ghost.

As the sun reflected off the tops,
her rays bounced off so seamlessly.
Dancing in rainbow’ed frenzy,
calming the very nature of my existence.

I was free.
Free from the world,
free from my insanity,
free from the bonds of love.

Lifted by the air above my wings
my spirit soared higher than life herself.
I remember now.
I’m a Pilot.
I always was,
and always will be.

Not a scheduler,
not a designer,
not even an aviator.
A bird with newly granted wings.
I’m a pilot

And I remembered the words once said to me,
by someone very dear.
“Who can fly but angels”.
And a demon I may be, fallen even so.
But on this day of redemption,
I have my wings back.

I am, a Pilot.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

Diamond 42 NG : Diamond in the sky

Diamond 42 NG : Diamond in the sky

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