Morning Sex!

Rainy morning.
Cold showers filled with lust;
Your warm naked body in my arms feels so good today.

Your tender skin against mine
as you move your hands over my hands
and hold my neck, and kiss me.
While your fingers caress my face.

Your breasts rubbing against my body
while you move to my neck;
Your deepening breath numbing my body while I surrender to your cravings.

I bring my face to yours,
as you shiver in glee
for whats to come.
The rage of lust seeping from your eyes, into mine.

Your arching body as my lips make their way down to your aching thighs;
Soft moans as I drink from you,
my fill of your pleasure.

Your goose bumps as my lips wrap around your clit.
My tongue fighting to keep up with your tremors;
While I hold your legs
to keep you from falling apart.

As our love rages on, and sex fills the air.
your moans get louder and shivers violent.
In naked frenzy as you pull my hair and guide me up, to your lips,
while your thighs wrapped around my body urge me in.

The storms outside feeble in your orgasms.
They run in excitement and call for more to come watch.
As we slither and ravage each other.

Above me, your hands pressed to my chest and mine upon your hips;
The thunder in the skies celebrating our dance,
drowned by your screams of ecstasy.
While we meet our ends together.

Here in our beds, wet and broken,
entwined in tight embrace for letting go might cause us to fall apart.
We drift back into our dreams.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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