The beach

The white sands,
and broken shells,
the dense air,
filled with salty smells.

The crashing waves,
the caves ‘neath our feet,
the receding tides,
the rising heat.

Holding hands,
walking against the tide,
fighting reason,
to run back and hide.

Our life a beach,
while we try to swim,
against the world,
a fate so grim.

I shall walk with you
and hold you
in my arms,
while we make our way across these waters.

Drowning in your eyes
for the days we’ve met,
the ocean beyond,
is but a puddle.

To cross and be united on the beaches of love,
transcending the life that we were born into.
Lets make love tonight on the beaches of neverland
where we shall be the sand and be the ocean.

Away from this beach.
across this life.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

Daytona beach

Daytona beach

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