Blood-stained messiah

Follow the light into darkness,
the black hole of creation;
Slip into a reverie,
violate your on transgressions.

Dream of infinity and drift beyond,
spill your tainted blood;
Be the song of silence,
as you slither about in mud.

Bathe in the crimson sea.
Swim away from the shore.
Eat a heart and survive.
Forsake the love you adore.

Cut across the mountains.
Burrow through the land.
Purge your own existence,
and wither into sand.

Follow the light into rainbows;
Let the music play.
Feed on the colors of sound.
Kill and be the prey.

Lead the world into darkness
drenched in arterial blood.
Create a haven forsaken,
for hell be too sacred for us.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

Pen it... or aaa type it. u know what i mean.

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