The acrobatic squirrel

He jumped across;
Half-somersault in air.
Landed on a tree,
opposite his lair.

He paused for a bit,
as he composed his thoughts.
Scurried to the bottom then,
in the bushes he was lost.

This jolly little critter,
a few moments late,
poked his head out of the foliage,
looking for his date.

He saw at last his fancy,
that little squirrel’let across;
With a twinkle in his eyes,
he stared at her engrossed.

He made his way to her, slow.
Pausing every few steps.
Careful not to startle,
his furry little klept’ omaniac.

He reached her on his toes,
tiptoeing on all fours,
a conversation of sorts, they had,
silent courting by the lad.

They left together then,
in lovelost cheerful frolic;
Back into the trees.
The acrobatic squirrel and his mate.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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