Its cold here in Valhalla

Been a little emo here lately,
been really bored of stuff.
Tied down to reality,
chained to my sanity and cuffed.

Been a little lost here,
been a little dazed.
Behind my wall of insanity,
tormented and crazed.

Been a little funky,
been a little drunk.
Locked away in dreams,
alone in my trunk.

Been a little stupid,
been a little sad.
Waiting for opportunities to take me higher,
so I can be a little mad.

Been a little sore,
been a little light.
Counting stars falling through the sky,
sleepless in my nights.

Been a little weird lately,
been a little blue.
Breathless in my mind,
rummaging through thoughts of you.

Its been cold here in Valhalla.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar


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