Whiskey, love and Led Zeppelin

We fool around,
while music plays,
and smoke fills the air.
I ruffle through,
the silken falls,
of your ebony perfume hair.

Zeppelin flowing through our daze,
lifting us high
in lurid haze.
Upon the stairway,
we rise above,
life’s lucid ways.

Silent hums
and lead guitars,
resonating in the night.
Wrapping around
our bodies entwined,
climaxing in flight.

Warm touches,
of your flesh,
your silky cream skin.
The sweet taste,
of your lips,
smooth whiskey grin.

As the songs end
and we begin,
wrapped naked sin.
Our sensual hymns,
of symphonic love,
our fragile bodies sing.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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