A fairly weird tale

Let me tell you a story,
of a girl three blocks down.
I’d see her walk by her window,
wearing the most beautiful frown.

She’d walk down my street,
I’d see her each day,
never with a man,
I once thought she was gay.

No one ever spoke to her;
She never seemed to mind.
She had the prettiest little face
so I called out to her.
oh wait!
that didn’t rhyme

Anyway, moving on…

I spoke with her once,
her name I will not say.
We spoke again the next morning,
and again the next day.

She called me for dinner,
invited me through a text.
We shared some wine,
and spoke for a while.
And got drunk and had sex.

And then things got awkward,
and a whole lot of fun!
I saw her smile,
for the first time,
like a distant rising sun.

That crazy little emo-female,
I thought.
Had stolen my heart,
the one that hath rot.

As days went by
and nights lingered on;
High as kites
in our fairy tale song.

The smile on her face now,
fades not for an instance.
I tease her to make her frown,
the same one I fell for.
the one that turned my heart, a lazy shade of brown.

That weird little girl,
with this weird little man.
Eh! I’m bored now.
We’ll cover the rest later.

Aaa.. that didn’t rhyme either…
but, alas, I ran out of paper.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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