Into darkness

I was fast asleep
and my dreams woke me up.
Sleepless now,
I poured myself a cup.
Of coffee.

I stepped on to my porch
for a breath of fresh air,
then proceeded to walk,
further out there.

Something beckoning me to the street
where the darkness took shade.
I walked into this veil
and saw myself fade.

A moment of fear
took me by the heart,
so I took a step back
and dropped my cup.
With a start.

While picking up the pieces
of broken ceramic,
I saw something in the reflection
the spilled liquid did mimic.

And my fears gone
for no reason at all.
I looked up at the sky
and my jaw did fall.

The starlight that spread
across the blue-black iridescence,
the darkness lit up
by stars incandescent.

The magnificence of such beauty;
I couldn’t see, nor imagine from outside the darkness.
Until I stepped out of the light.
What sorcery was this!

Why was it beyond my perception
when I walked in the safety of the glow?
In this moment of temporary blindness,
I could see that which was perceivable.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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