The imaginarium of Capt. McAwesomeville

‘Twas a warm sunny morning
and a bright funny day.
A fawn laid lazy,
while the lion did pray.

From the wide blue sky
to the cold black yonder;
Narcissa sets sail
for planets to plunder.

The crazy navigator,
in the crow’s nest scans.
The starry white spectrum,
with a telescope in hand.

The one-legged boatswain,
waddles about.
While the cooper steals rum
and the musicians shout.

Quartermaster in the corner
testing his knout;
Ready to sort,
the unruly prisoners out.

Our Captain’s voice,
resounding and clear;
In the demon heart of space,
enough to strike fear.

One eyed captain
with a monocle on the left;
Sailing the heaven’s
in search of treasure chests.

With his Sullustan first mate
and Nazarene architect;
They traverse the stars,
cunning and deft.

In the captains chambers,
his lady of love.
Ready to step off
at her home on Hoth.

Mistress of the stars,
courted by the king.
The pirate Captain himself.
V’. McAwesomeville

And Vader’s respirator
from the moon of Endor,
adorns the figurehead,
Narcissa’s little whore.

This magnificent ship
with three great masts.
The fore, the main,
and the mizzne in the aft.

With six sails each
for fore and main.
The last one with four,
simple and plain.

Narcissa and her captain
sail the stars gleaming.
while I tag along
in my four-poster dreaming.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

The horsehead nebula
Source: click picture

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