A Woman

A Woman,
Like waters of heaven
flowing down from the stars;
Free and lucid, unblemished by scars.
Of mortal pain.

Calm and cold
and silent in the storm;
She bathes you in her womb
and keeps your heart warm.

Serene as she is,
soft and smooth;
She can drown you if she wishes,
with a change of her mood.

Clear and glowing
and crisp when blue;
Touch her sweet ripples
and she shines anew.

She bends with the land
and melts in the sea;
She can tear through the mountains,
with just as much glee.

Keep her warm
and she’ll rise above the rest;
Cling on too tight,
and she’ll pour with detest.

Vast and deep,
and highly unpredictable;
With love in her heart,
a miracle unfathomable.

I wonder what she thinks,
when I, over think;
When she hugs me and holds me,
with a smile and a wink.

Her lips taste like life,
smooth and sweet;
Mad in her lust,
when she burns in her heat.

This beautiful being
that personifies life,
Love and death
and self-sacrifice.

Not much I can say
of her ever-changing ecstasy;
For a man I am,
I can never be;
As vivid,
as pure,
as strong and free;
As kind,
as beautiful,
as fierce and crazy;
As heavenly,
as lucid and obscure, as she.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

2 thoughts on “A Woman

    • thanks.. women are the most pleasantly mystic and beautifully sweet creations on earth..:-).. i wanna say pleasantly odd and stunning masterpieces but that might not be politically correct..:-D


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