Cocaine-cream frost maiden of winter

Cold in the winter,
while the frost maiden walks;
Porcelain skin goddess
with her silken red locks.

Blood from her eyes,
that falls to snow;
While she wanders in the forest
with an eerie moon glow.

Alone and cold
she stalks the land,
with the townsfolk cowering,
shivering where they stand.

They refrain from her sight,
avoiding her gaze;
While she walks with her heart,
in the rime and the glaze.

They usher the children home,
and lock their doors shut;
Paint signs on their windows
to keep out the rut.

But one little freak,
that stands in her way;
With his heart in his hands
for her to throw away.

I stare at her,
not a thought in my mind;
The fragrance of her skin
that ties me in a bind.

The whiff of her hair,
her smooth ceramic skin;
The fire of her heart
that burns from within.
My own.

And the green in her eyes,
harlequin garden of Eden;
Gazing into mine,
while I stand here bleeding.
My breath away.

The words now I speak,
leak from my soul;
Carried on ice,
with my breath growing cold.

“Oh, winter frost maiden of beauty,
porcelain skin-cold seraph of the sun.
Let the ignorant refrain from the sight of you,
for they shall never know the warmth of the heart that beats within these winter walls of your moon-shine paradise.
“Oh, Beautiful mistress of rime,
cocaine-cream siren of silence.
I’m your’s to use as you please.”

By Viraj Belgaonkar

Inspired by Oloriel – Benumbed

  • Benumbed (

2 thoughts on “Cocaine-cream frost maiden of winter

  1. I feel very honored to be able to say I inspired a piece as good and beautiful as this. You have handled the topic with sweetness, grace, knowledge and warmth and your message at the end should serve as an inspiration to all women who had once felt unloved.


    • Ive done and said my share of stupid things and hurt some that were very close to me… im a man so i guess that i cant be helped..:-D … ur poem inspired me so much and really spoke to me… guess this was just a way for me to make my apology… 🙂 dosent make my mistakes right but… a start though nevertheless…


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