The maiden, the man and the mistress

Crimson scarlet lust
on white translucent cloud;
While he reaches out to his princess,
undressing her ragged shroud.

Sweet whispers in her ears,
make her blush this morn;
She lies naked in his arms,
warm, content and reborn.

A deep peaceful sigh,
she wakes up to her lover;
Her heart in his hands,
her lips on his udders.

Her rose folly cheeks,
breasts flushed to blue;
As he holds her this crimson dawn,
fervorous pinkish hue.

That silent morning kiss,
when tenné azure meet;
And disappear in a cuddle,
into stiff vermilion teat.

While the cold mistress watches,
this misty maiden purr;
Waiting in silence for dusk,
when he wakes up to her.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn

Scarlet Sunshine

Scarlet Sushine

Morning Lust

Morning Lust

Mistress in white

Mistress in white

3 thoughts on “The maiden, the man and the mistress

  1. You have a great gift for portraying sensual images that make the reader feel safe and serene, no matter wheter he is in the darkness or the light. I think Soothsayer would be a great nickname for you 🙂


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