Do what needs to be done

Take this knife
and run it through my chest,
force it in, where you see your silhouette;
Drive it to the back and let me rest,
peacefully now in my little black nest.

Taste the blood that you just spilled,
mix it with whiskey and drink it chilled,
let it pour from the hole you drilled,
through my heart, my love
and my fairy-tale guild.

Plug you ears,
don’t hear a scream;
While you eat away at my morbid dreams,
rip me apart from my ragged seam’s,
burn me away with your laser eye beams.

Squeeze it hard and collect the ooze,
black and violet and reddish hues,
cut and slice and violently abuse,
let me writhe in pain like your golden goose.

Close your eyes and if its me you see,
do what you must, to set yourself free;
Avert your ears if you hear me shout,
Do what you must,
to sort yourself out.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

4 thoughts on “Do what needs to be done

  1. You have a very masterfull and enticing way of mixing perfectly the images of pure red emotions- a cocktail of gore, love, dash of a kiss, drop of blood, knives and embraces. I think this is exactly what the fascinating expirience it is, a very strong feeling, that I get while reading your work.


  2. Its so… Passionate. Like giving up your life for someone else or higher plan. As Oloriel said, you have such a way to create perfect imagery and to make is shiver in excitement, thinking “wow. I wish it was me who wrote this”. Well done.


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