Work of art

The expressions in the Starry night
and the Starry night over Rhone;
From irises to olive trees,
his fluid colors shone.

From Mona to the Supper,
his subtle conspiracy theories;
I dance tonight with the Vitruvian man,
mesmerized and cheery.

To the ninth, I lose my mind,
and my entire sense of being;
While the deaf architect of melody,
paints the universe fleeing.

And then! there’s you.

The way your lips move,
across my skin;
The way you guide me,
into all that is sin.

The way your eyes shine,
when you gaze into me;
The way I feel your touch,
when my eyes can’t see.

The flavour of you thigh,
the sweet breath of your hair;
The way you pull me down,
undressing my hollow layers.

The way you leave
and tear me apart;
With the sweetest words when you break my heart,
an artist you are with a little black dart
piercing my life, your true work of art.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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