The Sadist and the Atheist

First she made grass,
to get you high;
Leave the world,
with a little green sigh.

She then gave us yeast
and helped us make beer;
Drink and piss and all the bliss
until you wake up to hangover’s kiss.

And then there were cigarettes,
to keep us company;
Speak to the lonely
with tobacco filled glee.

Now don’t get me wrong,
’cause lingering behind,
were addiction and rot
of the cancerous kind.

And then she built,
with the greatest care,
a little red sphere
with a notch, that was rare

The heart she named,
as her greatest gift;
for only the worthy,
to use with thrift.

But the little red blob,
had evil in its wake;
That would turn it black
with the sweetest little break.

God, the infinite,
the pretty little sadist;
alas, I am,
a lowly little atheist.

Wait, What!
I think I missed something.
Oh yeah, sorry I reacted,
The grass got me distracted.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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