Lonely child of misery

Let me tell you today,
the story of a man;
Sick and miserable
and arrogant little tramp.

He walked in his world
with a head held high;
Filled with the air,
from his lonely little sky-fortress.

He’d act like a king,
for money he had.
But a loveless little child,
rejected and sad.

He’d alienate his friends,
and show them up;
While drinking his wine
as he raised his stained cup.

An entrepreneur he was,
or so he’d claim;
While he disrespected his colleagues,
and his mother, the same!

An ugly little liar,
a wretch he was;
Walking in his rain,
no purpose, nor cause.

A man I respected,
before I knew;
The prick he was,
derelict, desolate shrew.

This frail little egotistic,
rotten little cunt;
Would make everyone as miserable
as he was, the runt.

I’m saddened today
as I see him with pity;
Who once was my mentor,
the lonely child of misery.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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