They knew me once
in a wuthering time,
and saw me walk out
with a faint little chime;

The ones that reached out,
and held my hand;
Saw me wither
into solemn sands.

Days went by
as memories faded;
I moved on.
And so did the world.

The friends and lovers
that once had my heart,
have slowly and softly,
grown apart.

And though I meet more
and more I forget,
the times still pass,
like a well-played clarinet.

Anonymity in life,
I seek to revive,
so its easier to fade
on the day I die.

But the more I forget,
the more memories I make;
While I fly above,
this multifarious lake.

And the people I meet,
and the friends I make;
And the lovers I find,
with my Autum’s rake.

Are all but droplets
in my ocean of life;
Meant to evanesce,
into white desert strife.

And I like to fade away,
into this abyss;
The one I came from,
the one I so miss.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

2 thoughts on “Anonymity

  1. I think we yearn for a vibrant constant. the reflection of Nature makes us so, just as the Moon is sometimes not visible, sometimes crescent, sometimes blood red, but it is always there and so is the Sun, and the tree, a flower. Yet we are built with perhaps a flaw, that makes us want to always ingest a speaking piece. It is rare, I’d even say impossible, finding somebody who would have a landscape inside that would soothe yours to blooming, eradicating the hunger in the proces.
    Then there is also that saying:”People always leave” and it is true and it is your curse and mine, I believe, to be like a train platform. The beauty they do not see is in the staying.


    • The way you described it
      the yearning to stay
      while the hunger,
      our curse,
      keeps driving us away… that was beautiful, thank you for those words moonshadow 🙂

      “I’m a child of anonymity,
      and in it I fade away
      but while I walk alone
      I do see myself wishing
      for someone who’d want me to stay.”


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