Rainy monsoon Blues

The lullaby eulogy of raindrops,
crashing against my window;
Splashing softly into sight,
like orgasms of a rainbow.

Flood-waters caress my earth,
as clouds burst with joy;
She hides in their shadows,
while she’s left feeling coy.

I walk among these beautiful sights
as thunder sings her songs;
And violent showers of clear rain,
dance gracefully to these gongs.

Silent symphonies seeping through skin,
sooth my very being;
I close my eyes and breathe the tunes
that blind the world of the seeing.

Gloomy hues of grey and white,
my muddy sticky shoes;
Wet and cold with my guitar,
my rainy monsoon blues.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

Source: First Post Photos
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