My faithless prayer

If Jesus wasn’t Jesus! What would he be?
A schizophrenic little carpenter, demented like me?

If Moses wasn’t Moses! What would he be?
A wandering little pyromaniac, as lost in the desert as me?

If Krishna wasn’t Krishna! What would he be?
An inane little sadist, as clueless as me?

If Muhammad wasn’t Muhammad! What would he be?
A lonely little cave-dweller, in the darkness like me?

The prophets came and the prophets left and more are yet to be,
but god never showed himself,
not in life,
not in love,
never unto me.

He was never in my loss,
and never in my gain,
never in my screams,
in the silence of my pain.

Faithless in my heart,
I shall always pray in vain;
For a miracle,
or a dinghy,
that floats me above my rain.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

Source: Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “My faithless prayer

  1. Wow, I am speechless to the power of this poem. I really hope you will find what you are looking for,no matter what that may be and that you will never let anyone else name and show that thing for you instead of yourself.


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