Days of Longing

Let me scream!
‘fore my heart implode’s from the void that was left in the wake of our parting.

And my body screams!
longing for the touch of your lips, the brush of your skin against mine;

Every part of me that shared your body as it melted into her shrieks!
as she longs for what was once a part of me.

The time we shared, the brief period in infinite space when the world stopped,
and burned, and envied as it watched us collide into each-others existence’s;
The time that transcended the nature of love herself.

I want you to give your soul to me.
When I see you again,
I want you to praise me with your kisses,
devote yourself to me,
surrender your entire being,
beg for my love.
I want you to belong to me as none other ever has,
so you shall be and forever remain a part of me,
embedded into my soul so we shall never part again.

And I shall raze heaven with the fires that sear my heart;
And freeze hell with the cold showers that tear through my soul and leap out from my eyes as rivers of blood;
Just to meet and have your body melt into mine as the love we share melts into eternity.

And I will rip you apart and tear your soul to pieces and ravish your flesh and so shall be done unto me
by your lips,
and your love, that tear me apart today,
as they shall on the day of our union.

The anticipation of meeting you again scares my heart,
as it whimper’s and cower’s into the deepest corners of my chest;
And I’m scared to see you again,
as the fear, that your eyes drowning into mine may cause me to fall
and shatter into a million little fragments of dust, cripples me.

“When we meet, which I promise we will, my arms will keep your body from falling apart as my heart that beats inside you will hold yours just the same; And we shall write an end to our tale, for now, is the time of separation, and as painful as it may be, our union, shall grant us happiness that a new world may be created to contain the love that flows from what remains of our bodies”

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