Paper planes & my origami heart

On my window ledge I sit and stare,
at the rain that falls while the sun shines bare.

A scattered ceiling of grey rain clouds,
covers my skies like tattered shroud.

I sit with my dreams in this book of songs,
tear each page and fold them wrong.

And all the one’s that fly with grace,
disappear in the sunshower. With my heart in chase.

With all these little kamikaze fighters,
my heart does fold a corner tighter.

And each little dream that has now been lost,
my origami heart has paid the cost.

A bitter-sweet song does the sunshower sing,
as it weighs down upon, my paper plane wings.

And my little black heart, misshapen and scorned,
with a million little folds, shall never be torn.

Under the light of a melancholy rainbow.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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