The discarded pair of headphones

Rainbow music in my headphones,
wrapped around my face;
Like the legs of a lover,
while I thirst for her taste.

Comforting my mind
as they cradle my thoughts,
carry away my gloom,
on airwaves far and lost.

They put me to bed,
tuck me in at night;
Pull me away from reality,
when I begin to lose sight;

Of neon-halogen corpses under acid-stained starlight.

As the daze passes by,
the stereo starts to fade,
my music begins to rot,
and the space dissipates.

But the music still plays,
with my left eardrum dead;
Occupying its space,
lying dormant in my head.

So I toss the pair away,
hurl it aside,
and move on to new one’s,
that complement my high’s.

But my discarded pair of headphones,
still sit on a shelf,
like an old love in limbo,
I can’t let go of the time I spent between her thighs.

Or may be I’m just procrastinating.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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