Of saints and sinners – Beezledub

The serpentine kiss of Samael,
a slow loss of sanity;
A decent through purgatory,
into demon lust of vanity.

The first ray of a new dawn,
the tingling feeling of leaving my skin;
A shiver down my astral spine,
the hollow eyes glaring at my sins.

The sweet smell of blood,
a growing feeling of malice;
An insatiable need to fuck!
and drink from virgin chalice.

The first drop of acid rain,
a sea of blended reds;
Scarlet-crimson-vermilion blood,
angels ripped to shreds.

The ecstasy of Judas cradles,
penetrating the saints;
And sinners of the cloth,
preachers of religious taint.

And the whispers fade into darkness.

10 thoughts on “Of saints and sinners – Beezledub

        • hahaha.. not many from my side of the world listen to acid bath…u’re probably one of 3 (including me) that i know now who loves them..
          “Like Murder
          Stoned I awoke in your temple
          To blackness above you
          And death beside me”


          • Same here, mostly when I say to people they are like “Riiiiiiight, those are some junkie emo scremies? “. This is where I usualy hit them 🙂 Their lyrics are too good for me to take anything out, but at the moment I am deeply plagued by :”I could not wake the dead man dreaming”


    • haha yeah i get the same reaction, but i dont really care… their lyrics are so fucking intense… i love the blue.. and the line “I have fallen deep in love with the sky fragments of a sunbeam glaring on a kitchen knife…”


      • yes,yes, yes and “Slit wrists of the sky bleeding into the blue” or “I eat the razor, a mouthfull of God’s flesh, I’m sweating this blackness, I’m shiting this cold death.’ There are no lyrics other then their that perfectly describe me, the darkness I carry, who I really am, that unpleasent blood most people are scared or don’t care to see.


          • And you know, the cmments of the people were always “It is just a phase, it will pass, teenage years”. Well, it didn’t and I am glad it didn’t! 🙂 Btw, there is a prompt to present a fellow WP poet, so wanted to ask would it be ok that I present you? I am supposed to pick one poem of yours, re-post it with pingbacks to you and add my commentary, why I picked you and that poem and why do I like them.


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