To hold your face and kiss your lips,
while I grab you by the hip
and pull your body against me;
I want your skin to melt into my own.

To pull your hair back and gnaw at your neck,
leave fingerprints on your waist;
While you bury your nails in the back of my neck,
and my lower back.

To feel your nipples swell up,
pressed against my chest
as you pull me in and hold me tight
and feed off my lust. And I feed off you.

To put my hand in and grab your heart
while you leave bite-marks on my neck,
quenching your thirst on my blood;
I want to quench mine with yours.

To spread your legs and eat away at your thighs
while you crave for me to eat your vagina dripping monologues;
I want you to beg me to taste your soul with my lips and my tongue,
as you grab my hair and grind your teeth.

When I bury my face between your legs and you muffle your moans
and pull my hair harder and push me in deeper;
I want you to wriggle in your ecstasy
while your soft wet thighs crush the bones in my face.

I want you to throw me down and eat what you’ve craved inside your-self,
and eat your fill while I feel your warmth seep into me
and make me shiver as my trembling hands reach for your locks,
while your eyes burn into mine and your lust rises by the mouthful.

And you claw your way up to my lips with your nails still embedded in my chest
as you guide me into the core of your womanhood and we break our hips;
You push yourself on my flesh with my blood trying to tear its way into you,
and wet and warm you tear yourself into two. While I grab your sides to keep you from falling apart.

I breach your heart while my body inhabits your one sacred sanctum
as you lie on your back arched in a bow with arrows of sweat upon your breast shining in the light of your eyes;
And we feed off one another, filling our love with lust, the likes of which were seen but never experienced,
and in poses: prose of which have been written and artists have painted and the preachers of false morality have kept hidden.

I want to meet my end with you.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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