Free bird

Like a bird in a cage,
I sit here today,
celebrating my freedom;
For this cage is all mine.

And all the space inside,
the paper and the perch,
and my very own water dish;
What more could I possibly ask for.

This cage that was once enslaved,
by some that came from outside,
freed by my fathers as they revolted;
and fought and happily lost their lives;

So I would have my very own cage to live in.

And I thank them for their sacrifice,
their deaths and their scars;
While I sit atop my perch,
admiring these blood-stained bars.

They saved me from slavery,
gave me freedom to dream,
and freedom to speak my mind,
at other birds in this bind.

I’m happy with my freedom,
or at least the illusion of independence;
While the world around me continues its struggle,
to create more bird cages.

So more of us can be “Free!”.

And they shall celebrate one day,
and their children shall dance and sing;
While they decorate their cages,
and lock themselves in.

I’m proud of my country,
and the ones that died for her.
I just wish the lines never existed.

“उडते परिंदे को क्या फ़िक्र, यह ज़मीन, यह आस्मा, किस देश की जागीर है।”

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

One thought on “Free bird

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