Dead skin mask

The light fades away
as slowly as it lit,
melting into music,
behind the silhouettes.

The blood dries away,
flaked and brittle,
from each unhealed wound,
that scars just a little.

And the rot sinks in,
behind the facade of life;
Decaying in time,
with each unsuccessful strife.

This high burns out,
with my alcohol drenched flesh;
While I un-sheathe my heart and leave,
my skin to start afresh.

With the falling autumn leaves,
from the Bo tree as it dies,
I watch my wings wither,
in a pool of untold lies.

That I tell myself;
To keep me distracted;
From the memories I’ve set;
Lest I forget;
To wear my demon scaled dead skin mask.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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