I can’t believe I saw that

Twitching and trembling and dancing with the dead,
dreaming of malice while I land on my bed.

Awake at dawn with sickness in my head,
I fall down to reality from where I hath fled.

Back in my room in the cold of dawn,
moonlight in my window the proverbial black swan.

My dream of angels and demons now gone,
alone with my self, my boredom, I yawn.

I spread my wings and try to relax,
the phantom limbs twitching with my unconscious act.

Completely awake now trying to go back,
to the sweet reality of the vivid abstract.

The warm waters of my cold-cold shower,
soothing my nerves at this unnatural hour.

So I turn on the T.V. and get ready for work,
only to watch that Disney kid twerk!

The nightmares were fine and so was life’s shit;
And the falling from heaven in this hellish tar pit.

And I’ve broken hearts and toyed with souls,
and been torn to pieces and made myself whole.

And I’ve lived my life in sadness and bliss,
but I’ll never know what it was,
I did to deserve this.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

Pen it... or aaa type it. u know what i mean.

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