Dead crow

Dead crow on the side of the street,
dead crow, with no heart beat.
Dead crow, the sacrificial pawn,
dead crow corpse, frozen at dawn.
Dead crow, with a smell so rotten,
dead crow, by all forgotten.
Dead crow, with his eyes on the floor,
dead crow, my heart it tore.
Dead crow, with his feathers ruffled,
dead crow, with his bones shuffled.
Dead crow, his song last sung,
dead crow, with a collapsed lung.
Dead crow, in blood so red,
dead crow, on my comfortable bed.
Sleeping peacefully inside my head.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

2 thoughts on “Dead crow

    • hey thanks.. : ) I know what u mean… I absolutely love them.. beautiful, smart and they always have this look in their eyes.. i dont know how to describe it, but its so immensely insane…


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