Brown-eyed girl

I walked onto the airplane,
made my way through the aisle,
to the far end of economy,
noticing some frowns and some smiles.

And some fairly odd smells!

As I reached my coach-class stool,
seat 27B;
I noticed this clumsy angel,
that adorable girl, seated next to me.

Fumbling with her phone,
that weird little torch that won’t switch off,
I helped her with it, and we struck a conversation,
and then the airplane took off.

Through two hours of travel we laughed,
we smiled, reminisced and sang,
she told me stories from her world,
while I watched her pretty brown eyes, twinkling in the florescence.

Time went by quickly,
we were home before we knew it,
I dropped her off and said good-bye,
and drove away.

Never to see,
that brown-eyed angel again…

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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