Psycho Lover

Psycho lover, under the stars,
kissing and caressing and massaging my scars.

Psycho lover, in love with me,
holding my hands and setting me free.

Psycho lover, in her morning daze,
crawling into bed, sleepy and phased.

Psycho lover, soft and sweet,
warm as the sun wrapped in sleet.

Psycho lover, now far away,
with her love and her touch now fading to grey.

Psycho lover, naughty and mad,
her big golden heart, I wish I still had.

Psycho lover, outgrown the love,
that cradled her light in my lowest trough.

Psycho lover, with my beating heart,
eating it slowly while I sit in the dark.

Patiently waiting to see her again,
Psychotic me, singin’ in the rain.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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