Falling stars – Walking with Alice

Molten-bedrock-black in a sea of light;
Orange-crimson-red blood-stained murky waters.

Wet ash-memories floating about meaninglessly;
Mixing with tides of times yet to come.

Lust filled plankton fornicating friction-heating the sun;
Little-black-heart filtering the anarchy of love.

Strolling across the sea, wandering in the light of my darkness;
Prophets lost in the reality of my world, bleeding into the abyss.

Blue dolphins white-teethed-predators gnawing at their limbs, quenching blood-thirst;
Shark-fin-buoy-jet-powered surfboard to carry me away.

Window pane rain refilling the boiling ocean;
Curtain clouds dancing in a purple-haze-smoke on the water.

Glass-diamond-stars masked by the of the luminescent sea;
Spread across the skies whimpering away from the light.

Chipped and broken.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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