A little scared and a little turned on

I met the sweetest little angel
on a flight from New Delhi;
We struck a conversation
and spoke quite a bit.

Wondrous tales
of the life she’d led,
she didn’t miss a detail,
of times she’d laughed, cried or bled.

A fantastic life
of love and adventure,
she told me of places,
she’s traveled and ventured.

A mathematical genius,
this pretty female was,
to have a sip of water,
was the only time she paused. I was a little breathless just listening.

With the deepest brown eyes
and a smile that could kill,
her light and her beauty were almost impossible to resist,
till she turned around and told me, “I used to be a combat trainer and an Israeli weapons specialist!”

I’m a little scared now. And kinda turned on.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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